Understanding Fitness, Nutrition and Supplementation for Healthy Living

Understanding Fitness, Nutrition and Supplementation for Healthy Living

Health is a crucial aspect of the life of any individual. It is only a healthy person that goes about the daily hassles of life. It is for this reason that a lot of effort and awareness is put into not just educating people about the importance of healthy living, but also selling them solutions to it. This is multi-billion-dollar industry.

But there are various practices that can help an individual to stay healthy. These practices have been known and certified to be effective and are thus recommended to people as practices worth imbibing. The three major practices here are; Fitness, Nutrition and Supplementation.

What Is Physical Fitness All About?

Fitness quite practically, refers to the body’s ability to handle or partake in physical activities. You can read more on it here. People generally make the assumption that it involves body or muscle building and this is a wrong mindset/understanding. In fact, prior to the industrial revolution, physical fitness was all about the ability of an individual to go through or carry out the day’s tasks without being overly drained or down physically.

Today, life is not generally as physically demanding as the period before the industrial revolution, because people are involved in occupations that require sitting down for long hours. This has resulted in a situation where many people in the society are unfit physically and this has also brought about its own health challenges.

On the upside, there are various activities that can be embarked on to achieve physical fitness. Also, there are professionals who have the necessary training and qualifications to serve as coaches for individuals in order to help them achieve physical fitness. It is advised that individuals with certain health or fitness challenges adopt exercise routines and engage fitness coaches so as to improve their health.

Understanding Nutrition

More than just a study of food, nutrition refers to the whole process through which a living organism absorbs the beneficial contents of its food to replenish its life. For humans, there is also the added study into the body’s relationship with these nutrients and how it affects humans. You can find out more here: https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/how-does-food-impact-health.

It is important for all individuals to be properly nourished from the food that they eat as it is critical to healthy living. This means that the food that people consume must be of good quality nutritionally and that they also have what is termed as a balanced diet. For this to be the case, individuals have to, to a large extent take responsibility for what they choose to eat and avoid unhealthy eating habits.

It is sad that despite the seemingly easy access to food in most societies today, there are still incidences of malnutrition in the society and even more crucially, bad eating habits. While incidences of malnutrition might occur majorly due to poverty, the more worrisome and more prevalent are the cases of bad eating habits. This has created a situation where people develop health conditions because of what they eat.

For this reason, people should learn and in certain cases be taught and encouraged to adopt good eating habits so as to improve their general health condition. Again, learning and practicing these good eating habits will not only help the individual, but also help those closest to them e.g. in the case of a mother, the children and immediate family.

What Is Supplementation

To supplement literally means an addition to basically improve or complete what already is. When it comes to nutrients and health, supplementation or dietary supplements are additions taken by people to add certain nutrients that are either lacking or are not in sufficient quantity in the body. It is a common practice in our society today and is sometimes prescribed to individuals by health officials.

It is important to note that taking these supplements do not and should not replace eating healthy and balanced diets as some might assume. In fact, you shouldn’t even take these supplements without it being recommended to you by a health expert as it can be abused. However, it should be noted on the other hand that they are not drugs neither do they treat health conditions.

The primary reason why supplements are taken is to shore up certain nutrients or micronutrients that might be lacking in an individual’s body. Thus, it takes an individual who has been examined and determined by an expert to be in need of certain nutritional boosts to start taking these supplements. Note also that there usually is a prescription on the times (the number of times per day) and dosage the individual has to take.

When Fitness, Nutrition and Supplementation Comes Together

Though the above mentioned areas of healthy living (fitness, nutrition and supplementation) are effective and good health habits and practices on their own, they can be combined for optimal result. Sometimes, these three practices are necessary and are even required for an individual to achieve the needed result.

The prime example of the people who have to take cognizance of these three areas are sports people. They as a matter of necessity have to be in great shape to be able to compete in the different areas of sports that they are active in.

Though sports people have been used as an example of people who have to combine all these areas of fitness, nutrition and supplementation, the practice is not in any way limited to only them. You can do it too (and be better for it even). A lot of people have had to adopt these three practices for their own good and you should.

Note that since you are not a sports person, there is no pressure or need for you to attain to the fitness level or take nutritional or supplement measures of an athlete. Rather, you should go at your own pace, seek out a professional for advice.

A great way to get started is by reading reviews of users. If you are looking for a great place to find reviews on any product, be sure that they are third-party, independent review sites.


Being and staying healthy is very important in the life of everyone after all, no one wants to be sick. However, healthy living is much more than the absence of illness, it is a lifestyle.

This is why it is important that people learn healthy habits that improve their physical and general body health. Fitness, nutrition and supplementation are ways through which this can be obtained.

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